15 hobbies that can generate income

Before taking a side job to the detriment of a hobby, think. Perhaps it is your favorite activity that will give you not only joy, but also money.

Motivating posts in social networks often suggest turning a hobby into a job. This is not always a good idea: if you make fun work, how will you relax later?

And yet you should not write off hobbies when it comes to making money. Sooner or later, the end product of your passion will become too much. Why not share it with those who are willing to pay for your work? Moreover, every ruble in the farm is useful.

You can earn on almost any hobby.

1. Handicraft

The most obvious way to make money when it comes to hobbies. The list of hobbies in this area is extensive:

  • knitting (crochet and knitting);
  • embroidery;
  • the creation of toys;
  • scrapbooking;
  • sewing;
  • modeling colors from the revelure;
  • burning out;
  • soap making;
  • creating homemade cosmetics and perfumes.

The list is endless , and finding your buyer is not so difficult. However, if you want to earn not occasionally, but constantly, you will have to add PR and SMM to your list of hobbies. It will be necessary to find and master the sales platform, to communicate with potential buyers.

Irina Butenko

Journalist, creator of a toy store made of wool @gornostaika_toys_ on Instagram.

I make toys from wool. For a person who is far from dry felting, this is a rather strange process: I take wool similar to cotton wool and stick it with a needle many, many times. And it turns out a toy. I have been doing this for five years. I sell toys.

For those who want to make money on the sale of a handmade, I advise you to find exactly your kind of creativity, so that the occupation does not start to enrage in a week. Do not buy for the sample the cheapest material, take the middle price segment. But it may turn out that you have talent, but nothing happened due to bad materials or tools.

Do not forget about the rule of 10 thousand hours: it is considered, that is how much you need to spend on the case in order to become a master in it. Do not save on advertising, participate in contests to make yourself known. And get rid of the impostor syndrome , when it seems that you do not know how and are trying to sniff some nonsense to people. Let them decide for themselves.

2. Computer games

You can, of course, wipe on eSports, win a major tournament and get hundreds of thousands of dollars as a prize. But this path is long, thorny and leaves no time for the main work, which you need to go to if you want to live to the championship.

There is a simpler way – to grow characters. Among the newcomers there are people who do not want to play weak heroes. Some of them are willing to pay for high level characters. To participate in the transaction, you just need to have the right product. If you spend a lot of time in the game and enjoy the fun of heroes, this is a great opportunity to make money.

The method will not work for those who stick to the character with their whole soul or identify themselves with it.

Charming people should remember the good old streaming – broadcast gameplay, for which they pay. But playing here is not enough. Now the audience has seen almost everything – you have to work hard to attract an audience. An additional bonus will be knowledge of the English language, so more people will be able to understand you.

3. Board games

You can organize tournaments or gatherings of like-minded people, hold corporate parties for those who want to play at the tables, but not to dance. This kills several birds with one stone:

  • popularize board games;
  • do it yourself, often in new companies;
  • make money

For mass events will require a playground. It is worth looking for places that will provide it cheaply or for free, as they are interested in attracting visitors. Pay attention to antikafe, libraries and shops of board games.

4. Drawing

You can draw pictures, sell pictures on photostocks, make posters, illustrations, create caricatures, stickers for instant messengers.

Much depends on what exactly you draw and what techniques you own. It is important whether you want to create by inspiration or are ready to follow the technical task. In the first case, you will gain a unique style of work, a bright personality and entrepreneurial spirit, as you have to look for an audience that will appreciate what you are doing. In the second case, customers with projects that you have to implement will be required.

5. Plant breeding

There are huge communities of people who buy saplings of indoor and garden plants from each other, wait for delivery from the other end of the country, care for and cherish their green pets. If you are an agronomist-social phobic, it’s time to put on the Internet photos of your strawberry the size of a fist and the blooming Decembrist all year round with the signature “selling”.

6. Video editing

If you like to edit videos, but you do not have ambitious plans to create copyright content, you can offer your services to someone else. Many are interested in them, ranging from video bloggers to large companies that urgently need a motivational video for corporate parties by morning.

7. SMM

Full-fledged SMM is a difficult job, often boring and monotonous, with analytics and numbers. When content generation is a hobby, you can do the most interesting, albeit for little money. For example, if you have the talent to create memes , look for funny pictures and videos with the most hilarious cats of the Internet, many resources will be willing to pay for it.

8. Blogging

Not the easiest way to make money – your blog, public or Instagram page. Fifteen years ago, a LiveJournal account was considered promoted if it had a thousand subscribers. Now a blogger is expected from a much larger audience.

And yet you can earn on your page, especially if you are ready to broadcast unique information to readers. The money will come to you either from donates, or from advertisers who want to show the product to your subscribers. Another way is to pay from the site where you are posting content, which is essentially the same ad revenue, only indirect.

Ivanna Orlova

Copywriter, creator of the Bill Skarsgård | Fan Page | Bill Skarsgård | Our Belyash “in VK.

For little-known films with Bill Skarsgård, I was endured by a long-time fascination with Swedish culture. She began to look for information about him, like-minded people, and was disappointed: the groups that were found on VKontakte were tired, weakly active and clearly forgotten.

There was only one way out: make your own. It turned out a sort of platform with a soulful atmosphere for fans to communicate. But then came the film “Ono”, in which the object played Pennyvayza, and the number of participants in the group increased. There was no intention to monetize. She screwed the button of the donate when she studied the possibilities of the admin panel, for the laughter she signed: “To the admin for a pivas.” And what was my surprise when they began to click on it!

Not to say that my idol feeds me – it feeds me up: the amounts usually fall from 100 rubles and up, the maximum recorded is 1,500. I made a souvenir a couple of times, but my income is penny – so I can discourage moral damage from communication with Russian Post “. Recently I held a ten-day prize quiz marathon in the group, also a few people were grateful with thanks. In general, the pins … but these are my pins!

9. Fitness

When carrots can be rubbed about cubes on your stomach, and your biceps is stronger than adamanty, it is hard to resist telling others how to eat and work. If you direct the desire in the right direction, you can get for it not reproachful views from friends who buy burgers, and money. However, you need to be trained.

Now there are many online trainers on the Internet who work without any certificates, but it is better not to do that. Otherwise, you risk harm and earn not only money, but also a stain on karma.

10. Cooking

The services of home pastry chefs are popular. On the commercial success of cakes to order says at least the fact that this area is interested tax service.

There are plenty of cakes, cupcakes, pies, sweets , but this does not mean that you will not have a place in this market. People want to eat, so culinary services will be in demand.

11. Overexposure of animals

You love animals, you can easily find a common language with them, you have a large apartment and work with a free schedule. Why not become a nanny for someone else’s dog, cat or hamster when their owners go on vacation. In return, you will receive money and lots of new emotions that will give you a fluffy creature.

12. Repair of equipment

Perhaps, from childhood you liked to disassemble and assemble watches, receivers, food processor and you have reached the degree of skill when after all the manipulations there is no extra detail. If everything works fine at home, but the screwdriver and soldering iron do not give rest, repair other people’s things – for a fee, of course.

13. Photography

There are several ways to make money in this segment, and they are well known:

  • hold photo shoots;
  • take pictures of holidays;
  • sell pictures through drains ;
  • take photos for newspapers and magazines;
  • offer related products (photo books, photos on canvas and so on), look for contractors, keep a commission.

It’s not easy to get into the market, where everyone who has a camera considers himself a photographer. And the first step to success is to shoot not with a camera, but with your head. The higher your skill, fresh ideas, original approach, the greater the chance of success.

Victor Vodolazky

Photographer, teacher, ambassador Panasonic Lumix.

I was first forced to do photography, then I fell in love with her, and then I exchanged the main work for her. Before I left the hobby, I gave 12 years to journalism and advertising. Then there was 9 years of business, his own studio, photo school. Now I still take off – and for myself, for money.

I would recommend beginners to think three times before monetizing the passion for photography. Any business lives by the law of the market. And the competition in this segment is high. First you need to learn how to shoot with high quality, then – sell yourself no less qualitatively. In between, find your target audience. Understand what was wrong and correct the position. And constantly grow, learn and develop.

14. Shopping support

If you like to shop, masterly memorize the entire range and know how to find diamonds in the “All 50” baskets in second-hand , your services are required by many. Someone wants a yellow shirt with a 7/8 sleeve, but by no means 3/4, someone needs the cheapest laminate for oak growing in the Middle Urals, and they themselves will not cope with the search. You can fulfill desires and make money on it.

15. Focuses

Your childhood dream has come true: you know how a rabbit appears in a hat, and three balls turn into one. But the magician, like any artist, needs spectators. Which, by the way, are often willing to pay if you show your art at their holiday.

What other hobby can you monetize successfully? Share ideas in the comments.

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