Becoming Incredibly Successful Means Saying No to the Wrong Money

If you are content with just good things, do not break out of the vicious circle of mediocrity.

Wrong money – the ones that you earned when performing tasks that are not related to your global goals. Take it easy. Especially when you finally started to get closer to what you want.

While I was out of work for half a year, I was ready to perform any task for money, but no proposals were received. Now, when I develop my business, the wrong money comes every day.

I had to take a pause and not engage in coaching, as I receive too many requests from clients. Projects and proposals pour in my mailbox. But I refuse to everyone, because this is not the money.

Wrong money leads to mediocrity. And I will not tolerate mediocrity.

Why it is necessary to refuse “just good” things

For most people, life is full of good things. Their work is just good. They just have a good relationship . And they feel happy enough , but nothing grand there and does not smell. And this makes it difficult to strive for a truly great life.

Most people lack patience or composure to refuse good offers and wait for amazing ones.

Good deals usually lead to the wrong money. They are driving us into the squirrel wheel, in which we turn, without being able to progress. We hope that one day we will be able to get out of the vicious circle, but for the majority this time will never come.

What happens if you do not take all the offers in a row

Over the past few months, I have not taken advantage of almost any opportunity that fell to me, although they all would have brought a good income .

I said no to everyone and continued to work hard to attract 100,000 subscribers to my email list. None of the works offered to me would have helped to achieve this goal. Having said no, I got time to focus on my tasks.

Abandoning the opportunity to earn the wrong money – and indeed any money – is difficult. But in the end, these were just  good options.

How to start living a full life

Surprisingly, the same amount of energy is required for mediocre and fulfilling life. Just stop making excuses for behavior that limits you. It is tiring – every day to ignore the voice of the real self.

If you want to live fully, hear your inner voice and make the right choice.

Why most people will read this and change nothing

Unfortunately, many are satisfied with life, which does not lead to the fulfillment of their desires. Something hard to change, and the price of success is high. This is enough to retreat.

If you really want to change your life, you need to face face to face with uncertainty.

Ordinary people do not give up security . But extraordinary people are ready to exchange it for freedom, to finally live a truly magnificent life.

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