How to handle money in a trip abroad

Answers to the most common financial questions of those who travel abroad.

What is better: cash or bank card?

It is better to have a small amount in cash and comfortable with you – on a bank card. At the same time take care of change bills and coins. They are needed for tipping or in the markets, because sellers there may try to sell goods more expensive, citing the lack of delivery.

Particularly prudent can take with them and store money separately for a return ticket. Useful in case of force majeure.

But non-cash payment is not developed everywhere. Therefore, it is better to know in advance how things are going in ATMs and terminals in stores in a particular country. If at the border crossing the card simply turns into a piece of plastic, take care of the cash.

What currency to take with you?

There is no universal advice, proceed according to the algorithm:

  1. Find out which currency is circulating in the country.
  2. Find out if you can buy it for rubles in Russian banks and at what rate.
  3. If so, look on the Internet at what rate change dollars or euros to the currency you need in the country where you are going. Calculate what is more profitable: exchange rubles for the necessary money in Russia or exchange rubles for dollars or euros (if you are traveling to EU countries ), and then turn them into a suitable currency on the spot.
  4. If the second option is more profitable, take euro or dollars with you and change them upon arrival.

How profitable to pay with a card?

When the seller conducts a card on the reader, a complex process occurs. The device sends the request to the bank of the shopping facility in local currency, the bank to the card payment system, and the system transfers the required amount. Then your bank transfers money to the payment system.

It is important to know exactly what currency your bank is paying with the payment system.

If your bank is calculated with the payment system in rubles, it is advantageous to take a ruble card on the trip. When paying, the money will be converted once – from rubles to local currency.

If one more conversion is needed in the segment between your bank and the payment system – ruble into dollars or euros, then it is more profitable to have a card in those same dollars or euros, otherwise you will have to pay a commission twice.

And remember: in some institutions and institutions for a fee with a card can take a commission, so it will be more profitable to pay in cash.

How profitable to withdraw money?

Another important point – the commission of the bank, which owns an ATM. Advantageous option without extortionate fees can be found in two ways:

  1. In advance on the Internet.
  2. At random, that is, inserting a card into an ATM. As a rule, information about the amount of commission appears on the screen before the money is issued, but there may be unpleasant surprises.

How to protect cash abroad?

Here are the old and effective rules in the style of Captain Obvious:

  1. Do not keep all the money in one place.
  2. Watch your wallet.
  3. Do not overly demonstrate financial well-being.
  4. Use the safe in the room, and take a small amount with you.
  5. Hold the bag tight.

How to protect money on the card abroad?

Warn the bank about the trip

Inform the bank in advance when and where you are traveling, and inform them that you plan to conduct card or account transactions. Otherwise, in a suspicious transaction, they may simply be blocked . Money will be safe until your return. But you are unlikely to enjoy living in another country without money.

Write down the bank number

If the card is stolen, you should be able to quickly get through to the bank and block it. You should not write the number in the phone or keep a piece of paper with numbers in your wallet. There is a great risk that they will be in the hands of intruders along with the map.

Get a separate travel map

Your payroll card gives you access to your main account and, possibly, to all your savings. In order not to lose them in one fell swoop, get a separate card. Put on her the money you plan to spend traveling. And it is better to gradually transfer to it small amounts from the main account through an online bank. Just watch out for the security of your network connection .

Check ATM

Fraudsters are very clever, and not all their tricks can be noticed by a non-professional. But at least check the ATM for the presence of primitive devices that read the card number. And withdraw money at airports , large shopping centers or in banks: they cause more confidence.

Set limits on card transactions

Thieves may try to buy something on your card before you can block it. It is more profitable for criminals to purchase one expensive item. So the limit on purchases will help you to slow down the process of leaking money from your account. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you will not be able to pay with a card anywhere.

What to do if you are left abroad without money?

Suppose security measures did not work and you have to ask for financial help from friends and relatives or use pre-prepared ways of retreat.

Use a spare card

If your prudence is pumped up to level 80, you have taken another card with you. Empty Then the question is solved simply: either you yourself transfer money to it from your account, or ask someone.

Before the trip, agree with a person to whom you trust, about this service. Give him the money that he sends you during force majeure. This will greatly simplify the search for help in a tense moment.

Get a money transfer

If there is no bank card, you will have to use the services of international transfer systems, through which you will receive money by presenting your passport. The sender will have to report the amount and number of the transfer.

E-wallet owners can do without intermediaries and send a transfer to themselves through one of the systems on their own.

Contact the bank

If your bank has a partner in the country of travel, you can use emergency cash dispensing. True, provide the service is not everywhere and for the operation will have to pay from $ 100.

How to return part of the spent?

The price of each item is subject to value added tax. You, as a foreigner, do not have to pay compulsory fees and can return part of the money through the Tax Free system

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