The Safest Currencies in the World



1. If you receive a salary in rubles and spend your savings in them, the storage of savings in national currency will save you from losses during the exchange.

2. Ruble bank deposits are higher percentage than foreign currency deposits. Despite the fact that the profitability of deposits in euros and dollars has recently increase, the Russian national currency still wins overseas in this matter.


1. The ruble is unstable. For example, his course against the dollar has changed this way over the past 10 years .

2. The rate of inflation in Russia remains high.



1. It is one of the most convertible currencies in the world, used in most transactions, and the main reserve currency for many central banks, which favors the stability of the dollar.

2. The dollar is weakly subject to inflation, and its value does not depend on short-term trends.


1. The loss of money when exchanging rubles in dollars, and then back.

2. Procrastination, if you want to transform savings into rubles and buy something on them. By law, you can simply come to the bank and exchange currency for an amount of not more than 40 thousand rubles. From 40 to 100 thousand rubles will have to be changed with a passport , and in order to exchange a larger amount, you need to fill out a form, indicate passport details, SNILS, TIN and not cause suspicion among the security services.

3. This is the most fake currency in the world, so there is a risk that part of the savings, if you keep the dollars under the pillow, will be a pile of pieces of paper.

4. There is a possibility of state restrictions on the use and exchange of currency.

5. Pretty low interest on deposits – 1.54% annual for a deposit of 12 months (as of May).



1. The euro is quite stable, despite reports of the desire of some countries to leave the European Union and other unrest.

2. Theoretically, the value of the euro does not depend on the state of the economy of one country. In practice, the situation is somewhat more complicated, since stagnation of production in large states that are members of the European Union will most certainly affect the stability of this currency. And yet the euro still looks stable.


1. Discussion of exit from the European Union in different countries affects the stability of the currency.

2. Despite the common currency, there is no general financial and tax regulation in the Eurozone.

3. When exchanging, you can lose some of the money, and here the same laws apply, according to which the amount over 100 thousand rubles will have to be changed with a package of documents.

4. The euro has a minimum deposit rate of 0.31% in the ruble – dollar – euro triad. annual for a deposit of 12 months (as of May).

Exotic currency


Anyone who understands the issue and chooses the currency of a country with a stable economy, not dependent on the influence of other countries, will be able to reliably save their savings.


1. If dollars and euros can be changed in almost any branch of the bank, then you have to run after exotic currencies.

2. It is difficult to find a place to store: you have to either put the currency under the mattress, or attend to finding a bank abroad, since in Russia such a deposit will be extremely difficult to open.

3. People far from the financial sector will have to conduct a full study of currencies. So, the Chinese yuan looks promising: the country’s economy is growing, the value of the currency is almost independent of the economic influence of other countries. On the other hand, the growth of the yuan is constrained by the state, which is not interested in strengthening the currency and the subsequent rise in the cost of labor. And the experience of other countries shows that artificial growth restraint is often completed by the depreciation of money.

What currency do you keep your savings in?

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